At CDSA events, our members receive thorough updates about our policy work, collaborate and network with peers across the state, and drive our priorities for the future of IDD services in California.

Annual Meeting2024-02-08T00:31:40+00:00

In the fall, our members convene for a three-day conference of educational and informational sessions, networking, and preparing CDSA for the year ahead. Members travel from all over the state to a different location each year, making the Annual Meeting a unique opportunity to showcase innovative work and learn directly from peers. The Annual Meeting agenda always includes updates from industry experts and state leaders, addressing the most relevant challenges IDD service providers are facing.

Legislative Affairs Conference2024-02-08T00:32:04+00:00

Our Legislative Affairs Conference offers CDSA members the chance to get directly involved in our advocacy work. More than 100 member executives, direct support professionals, self-advocates, and families from all over the state join us in Sacramento. CDSA and our partners deliver a series of briefings on our policy agenda and trainings on legislative advocacy. Trained and up to date on public policy issues, participants then meet with state legislators to advocate for IDD services.

Public Policy Briefing2024-02-08T00:32:32+00:00

At the beginning of legislative session, CDSA staff meet with members to update them on the CDSA public policy agenda. In a series of virtual briefings, member learn about the proposed state budget, CDSA policy priorities, and our strategy for the legislative session ahead.

Public Policy Planning Meeting2024-02-08T00:31:20+00:00

After the state budget is passed and signed, members of the Public Policy Committee convene for multiple virtual sessions of debriefing the past legislative session and strategizing for the next year. The Committee discusses strategy, how to adapt tactics based on lessons learned, and identifies urgent issues the system will be facing. Using this information, the Committee develops a new public policy agenda to present to the Board for final approval.

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