Californians with IDD and family caregivers care about the quality, responsiveness, and reliability of their services. They want trusting relationships with their direct support professionals (DSPs) and service coordinators. Billing units, staffing formulas, and acronyms like “PAGA” or “CARF” probably aren’t all that interesting. But all those terms (and many more) have a huge impact on the availability of disability services and capacity of regional centers. While they may not have input on the rules that service providers and regional centers must follow, individuals with IDD and their families experience the impact every day.

Sometimes rules meant to improve services don’t fit the unique needs of all Californians with IDD. The result is unintended barriers to services. Sometimes policymakers don’t consider the impact that a new rule will have on disability services. Those rules can reduce access, when funds that should be spent on services instead must go to compliance. We believe it’s possible to create policies that add value to the lives of individuals with IDD and the workforce serving them. We partner with policymakers at all levels of government to find solutions to these problems and prevent future ones. We focus on these details so our members can provide the support that individuals and families need to focus on their own lives and goals.