Automate regional center billing and other manual processes. Simple Fractal automates repetitive processes by implementing robotic process automation (RPA) “bots.” By automating manual, error-prone chores, providers control costs, generate revenue, position themselves to scale, as well as improve employee satisfaction and retention.

In addition to many other use-cases, our bots are autonomously performing the regional center eBilling process. Bots can capture billable service data from your EHR, service documentation or other internal systems and login to the eBilling portal to submit claims. Additionally, they capture payment data directly from the portal or remittance files for automated posting to your EHR. Exceptions are submitted to your staff for review, although our bots currently handle 99.5% autonomously.

In addition to billing, our bots are automating processes around intake, integrating closed systems, compliance, scheduling, reporting, notifications and much more. Learn why we do what we do.